Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Pool Fencing: Array of Types to Choose

Chad Howell

Owning a pool is a great addition to any home. Your pool area gives you a great ambience for entertaining guests while also being a great place to relax and get away from everyone. Moreover, you can get all the exercise you need all year round to stay fit. However, owning a pool is not simply about having it installed. You also need to ensure that the pool is kept safe or it could become a potential drowning hazard. The easiest way to secure your pool area would be through pool fencing. There is a wide array of materials and designs that you could choose when in search of pool fencing. Below are some of the different types that you may want to consider deepening on your individual preferences.

Ornamental pool fencing

If aesthetics is crucial for you when making a choice of pool fencing, then you may want to consider ornamental pool fencing. The most common material that is used to create this type of fencing is wrought iron. This is because the wrought iron can be manufactured into different designs but will still retain its innate strength no matter how intricate the style is. In addition to this, ornamental fencing is galvanised to ensure that it is resistant to the weather elements, hence prolonging its lifespan.

One thing to note about ornamental fencing is that it tends to be shorter than conventional fencing. Moreover, it does not provide you with privacy as you can easily see through the ornamental designs.

Glass pool fencing

If you would like a contemporary option for your pool fencing, then glass would be an ideal choice to consider. This type of fencing has become a trend in most contemporary homes due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the glass used to manufacture this type of fencing is toughened. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the fencing shattering at the slightest impact that it is exposed to.

Secondly, glass fencing provides you with different options when it comes to the transparency or opaqueness of the fencing. Hence, if you would desire privacy in your pool area, you could choose to have the fencing made from frosted glass.

Thirdly, glass fencing has a minimalistic design. Not only does this ensure that you retain unobstructed views of your property, but the sleek design will ensure that the fencing does not detract from the appearance of your property, making your yard seem smaller than it is.


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Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

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