Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Four Tips to Reduce Evaporation on Your Pool

Chad Howell

Evaporation is an unavoidable reality when you own a pool. However, if you want to save resources and keep your water bill low, there are things you can do to reduce evaporation. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Swim in Cold Water

Water evaporates when it's warm. As a result, if you turn down the temps on your pool heater, that should reduce the amount of water that evaporates. It doesn't need to be an icy bath; rather, just put the temp to the lowest number you can comfortably handle.

2. Hang a Sun Shade

Keeping the sun's rays off your water can also help with evaporation. To reduce sunlight whilst you are using the pool, consider hanging a sunshade over it. Natural shade can also work. If you don't currently have trees near your pool, you may want to plant one. After a few years, the canopy should provide your pool with shade.

Alternatively, if you're in the design stages, consider orienting your pool so that it's shaded. In particular, you want it covered by the shadow of your house or the neighbour's house during as much of the day as possible.

3. Use a Cover

Shading your pool is an effective strategy when you're using the pool, but when the pool is not in use, you should use a cover, which you can buy from a pool shop. A cover protects the water from wind and sun, which are both important in evaporation.

To make it easier to cover the pool, consider putting in an automatic cover. These can close with the touch of a button. If you want to make your pool a bit more eco friendly, you also may want to consider using a cover that doubles as a solar heater. These covers help with evaporation, but they also help to heat the pool using the free power of the sun.

4. Plant a Windbreak

To diminish the effect of wind on your pool, consider planting a windbreak. This could be a line of bushes or trees, but it can also be a patio furniture set up strategically. Basically, you want the prevailing winds coming toward your pool to hit the windbreak.

This interrupts wind on the way to the pool, and it prevents it from hitting the top surface and increasing evaporation.

Want more tips on preventing evaporation? Then, contact a pool expert today. They can help you devise strategies and assess any other issues you may be having with water loss.



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Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

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