Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

The Best Hot Tub Movie Scenes

Chad Howell

Hot Tubs are a sign of decadence, fun, relaxation and parties. Yes, all of those. Cool things happen around hot tubs. How do we know this? The movies, of course. There have been some great scenes that have taken place in or around hot tubs. There's a whole online shop dedicated to things people have seen wearing in the movies, so it's churlish to suggest that movies don't influence what we want. So here's the best hot tub movie scenes, and who knows they might convince you that a hot tub is exactly what you need in your life right now.

Dumb and Dumber - A hilarious heart to heart between Harry and Lloyd takes place in a newlywed suite. They lie next to each other in a romantic heart shaped hot tub drinking beer. It might not be your idea of romance, but for your honeymoon, or anniversary what better way to celebrate is there than sharing a hot tub.

Species - A sexy hot tub scene can be found in the film Species. Where Natasha Henstridge seduces a man to share a hot tub with her. Unfortunately, for him, she is a alien who also kills men. She lures him into the hot tub only to turn into an alien and kill him. Which again, might not be on your to do list, but for a skillful seduction a hot tub is a great romantic setting that you should consider. It won't fail to impress.

Charlie Wilson's War - A glamorous party, a gold rimmed bubbling hot tub, waitresses bringing over cocktails and models and tycoons all around - nothing screams power louder than the hot tub scene in the Tom Hanks starring Charlie Wilson's War. If you want the respect of everyone who knows you, then a hot tub will be the accessory that secures that. Just be prepared for all the new friends you'll be making.

Whether you want to emulate the movies in order to make a loved one feel special, to impress a new flame in a romantic way, or to achieve social status and power there are a few things you need to ensure in order that you don't mess it all up. It is essential that you take out professional hot tub services in order to keep up the maintenance upon your hot tub. Your hot tub will need regular cleaning, maintenance, start up and shut down services. Make sure these are done and it'll run smoothly on any occasion, just like the movies.


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Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

It used to be relatively easy to design pools for blocks, as you'd just look at the backyard and figure up which rectangular or kidney shaped pool could fit in the yard. With all sorts of new block shapes occurring when people subdivide old blocks, it can be more challenging to fit a traditional pool into a yard. However, some innovative pool designers and homeowners have come up with great pools that fit on unusually shaped blocks and make the most of limited space. This blog highlights some of the pools I have seen online and in real life that have impressed me with great design. I hope you like it.