Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Signs Your Swimming Pool Pump Needs Repairs

Chad Howell

Let's admit it. A swimming pool provides you with lots of enjoyment. In addition, swimming is a great workout, and regular sessions ensure that you live a healthy life. In order for the pool to serve you better and longer, it is important to ensure that your pool pump is in good condition at all times. So, if it's not, then it's time to repair it.

The following are key pointers that you need to consider pump repairs as soon as possible.

Loud Sound

This is a clear message that pool pumps need repairs. Ideally, your pump should produce a normal electrical motor sound. Anything else is a sign of a problem that needs fixing.  One of the causes of these loud noises is a leaky shaft seal. The problem may also be caused by an errant sprinkler spray or flooding.

Rusted Motor

If you have tried to fire up your pool pump and it didn't start, it may be due to problems with your motor. You will hear humming sound from your pool pump, yet nothing else happens. The likely cause of this problem is a rusty motor. In addition, if your pool's motor shaft is damaged, performance of the pump is affected.  Once you notice that your pool pump has problems, you should call a pool service company to do repairs.

Leaking Pool

Any construction that has pumping system involved is prone to possible leaks. A pool can have leaks in the piping or its drainage system. Some of these leaks may not be easily noticeable. If you realize that you have to frequently refill your pool even during cool weather periods, then you probably have a leak in your pool. Engage a leak detector to locate areas that are leaking and do the necessary repairs.

Extreme Silence

Swimming pools are not supposed to be dead silent. If your pool does not have a single hum, screech, pop, or click when the pumps are supposed to operate, this could be a sign that you have a dead pool pump. If the electric source is working fine, this is confirmation of a problem with the pump, and repairs are necessary.


Pumps are prone to wear and tear. If your pumps have been servicing your swimming pool for a period of more than ten years, the pump may need repairs or replacement. If you see any signs of tear, it is advisable you do the repairs before you start experiencing problems associated with worn out pumps. Wear and tear may lead to defective bearings and impeller, affecting the overall functioning of your pump.


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Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

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