Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

4 Tips on How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool Pump

Chad Howell

Is your pool pump making the swim-spoiling sound of a dying animal? Does your pool seem unclean and off-putting to swim in? The last thing anyone needs during the busy summer months is a broken swimming pool pump. Thankfully, pool pumps aren't difficult to maintain when you know how. Here are four tips on how to keep yours in good condition.

1. Moisture and lubrication

Your pool pump should be kept fully lubricated and free from moisture leaks. Leaks can damage the seals and lead to rusting and corrosion, ultimately causing the pool pump to wear out faster. It is a good idea to regularly check if there are any leaks in your pool system and make sure they're repaired as soon as possible. On top of that, remember to regularly lubricate your pool pump bearings. If you don't, your whole system could overheat and fail. 

2. Air circulation

In order for your pump to work well and last a long time, it must be kept well-ventilated and have enough air circulation. Some pumps are designed with an air relief that you can easily adjust by unscrewing the device and turning it to the left or right side. It is a good idea to regularly check this air relief because excess air buildup can cause pressure to mount in the system.

3. Shelter

Keep in mind the importance of a shelter that is specially designed for your pool pump. Shelters keep the pump out of direct sunlight and keep it protected from any debris. Plus, they also give your pool area a tidier look. The best shelters are immune to rust and rot for easy maintenance and have a lockable hatch to keep your family safe. Look out for sheltered covers, mini sheds, and mobile pump boxes depending on your preferences.

4. Cleanliness

You should always keep your pool pump clean, as dirt and debris can quickly damage the motor. Check regularly for dirt buildup around the pool pump, including the basket, filter, motor, and seals. You can use a clean, dry brush or cloth to remove dirt, but avoid using any excess moisture on the motor as this can cause permanent damage.

If you keep your pool pump well-maintained using the tips above, it can last for around a decade. Of course, eventually, you will need to get a replacement. When it comes to choosing a new pool pump, make sure you contact a reputable pool supplies company that can help you find the right pump for your swimming pool.


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Designing a pool for an unusually shaped block

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